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  • 109 (1) A purchaser may remove or satisfy a mortgage or other encumbrance that, at the time of the sale, existed on land purchased, in a similar manner as the execution debtor might have done and, on removing or satisfying the mortgage or other encumbrance, the purchaser acquires the same estate, right, title and interest as the execution debtor would have acquired in case the removal or satisfaction had been effected by the execution debtor.
  • (2) The mortgagee or other encumbrancer must, if required, give to the purchaser, at the cost of the purchaser, a certificate of the satisfaction of mortgage or other encumbrance, which certificate may be in Form D of Schedule 3.
  • (3) The presentation of the certificate referred to in subsection (2) to the registrar of titles is sufficient authority for the registrar of titles to cancel the registration of the mortgage or other encumbrance for which it is given.



Mortgage or Other Encumbrance—Certificate of Satisfaction of Encumbrance

Form D, Mortgage or Other Encumbrance—Certificate of Satisfaction of Encumbrance, prescribed under Schedule 3 of the Act, is reproduced below.