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  • 10 (1) On an application under section 9, the proceedings may be brought either in a summary way or by the trial of an issue, or by inquiry before an officer of the court, or by an action or otherwise, as the court believes necessary or convenient, for the purpose of ascertaining the truth of the matters in question, and whether the land, or the debtor or other person’s interest in it, is liable for the satisfaction of the judgment.
  • (2) On application by a judgment creditor under section 9, the court may order that the judgment creditor is entitled to register the judgment against
  • (a) the land in respect of which the application is made, or
  • (b) the judgment debtor’s or another person’s interest in the land.

1979-143-10: 1982‑46‑23, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983.