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  • 19 A transparency report filed by a reporting body must contain the following information in respect of each individual who is an interest holder:
  • (a) subject to section 21 [requirements if unable to obtain information about interest holders or settlors],
    • (i) the individual’s primary identification information,
    • (ii) the individual’s date of birth,
    • (iii) the individual’s last known address,
    • (iv) the individual’s social insurance number, if any,
    • (v) the individual tax number, if any, assigned to the individual by the Canada Revenue Agency,
    • (vi) whether or not the individual is resident in Canada for the purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada),
    • (vii) the date on which the individual became or ceased to be an interest holder, and
    • (viii) a description of how the individual is an interest holder;
  • (b) if the reporting body knows, as a result of steps taken under section 22 [identification of incapacity], that a determination of incapacity has been made in respect of the individual, a statement setting this out;
  • (c) the information required under section 24(2) [notice to interest holders and settlors];
  • (d) prescribed information, if any.

2019-23-19, effective November 30, 2020 (B.C. Reg. 250/2020).