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7.2 (1) The minister must maintain the electronic database known as the Integrated Land and Resource Registry established by the ministry of the minister.

  • (2) A tenure authority must submit prescribed information in respect of a tenure to the integrated registry
  • (a) in the form and manner and within the time period required by the minister, and
  • (b) in accordance with the standards established by the minister.
  • (3) The minister may include in the integrated registry information other than information submitted under subsection (2) to the integrated registry.
  • (4) For the purpose of facilitating the identification of information in the integrated registry, the minister may
  • (a) assign a unique number to identify information submitted to or included in the integrated registry, and
  • (b) include in a record of information in the integrated registry the unique number assigned to that information.
  • (5) The minister may delete or correct information in the integrated registry.

2007-24-24, effective June 20, 2007 (B.C. Reg. 180/2007).