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  • 77.1 Despite this Part, for the purposes of a survey of treaty lands, the Surveyor General may issue instructions to a British Columbia land surveyor that
  • (a) the Surveyor General considers necessary or advisable, and
  • (b) are consistent with the final agreement of the treaty first nation.

2007-36-106, effective April 3, 2009 (B.C. Reg. 55/2009).


Amended Statement by Surveyor for Survey Plans over First Nation Treaty Lands

In accordance with s. 77.1 of the Land Act, the Surveyor General issues survey instructions to British Columbia land surveyors to define treaty lands.

The Surveyor General has determined that, in certain cases, plans defining First Nation treaty lands may be based on a combination of field survey and existing plans, rather than a full field survey. The Form 9 Statement by Surveyor requires a full field survey. An Amended Statement by Surveyor is required to allow land surveyors to certify combination plans.

The Director of Land Titles has approved the Form 9A Amended Statement by Surveyor to be used by British Columbia land surveyors to certify the correctness of plans prepared based on combination plans.

All survey plans submitted for deposit in a land title office that are based on survey instructions issued by the Surveyor General to define a portion of First Nation treaty lands that contain both field survey and explanatory plan boundaries must include the prescribed form of certificate approved for this purpose. The Form 9A is included on the Survey Plan Certification Form.

These requirements are in addition to all other legislated and practice requirements that apply to the registration of survey plans.