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520 Subdivision Approval For Land Subject To Phased Development Agreement

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520 (1) This section applies in relation to an application for subdivision approval under section 85 of the Land Title Act in respect of land that is subject to a phased development agreement.

  • (2) In determining if the deposit of the subdivision plan is against the public interest under section 85(3) of the Land Title Act, an approving officer
  • (a) must take account of the phased development agreement, and
  • (b) must not consider any of the following:
    • (i) amendments to or repeals of specified zoning bylaw provisions and specified subdivision servicing bylaw provisions that have not been agreed to by the developer under section 516(5);
    • (ii) a resolution passed by a local government that has entered into the phased development agreement about substantially the same subject matter as a specified zoning bylaw provision or a specified subdivision servicing bylaw provision in that agreement that may affect the intent of the specified zoning bylaw provision or specified subdivision servicing bylaw provision.

2007-6-23, effective June 21, 2007, B.C. Reg. 190/2007; 2008-23-21; 2010-6-114; RSBC 2015-1-520, effective January 1, 2016 (B.C. Reg. 257/2015).