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  • 60.1 (1) This section applies if a court
  • (a) makes absolute a decree of divorce,
  • (b) renders judgment granting a divorce and a certificate has been or could be issued under the Divorce Act (Canada) stating that the marriage was dissolved,
  • (c) makes an order for judicial separation, or
  • (d) declares a marriage to be null and void.
  • (2) Subject to the Family Law Act, on the happening of an event described in subsection (1),
  • (a) each former spouse must be considered an unmarried person in respect of property, the right to contract, and rights and duties in civil proceedings, and
  • (b) a former spouse is not, except if the liability arose during the marriage, liable for
    • (i) a contract the other former spouse enters into,
    • (ii) costs incurred by the other former spouse in a proceeding.

2011-25-398, effective March 18, 2013 (B.C. Reg. 131/2012).