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27 Reservations To Which Purchasers Are Subject

In This Volume

27 Unless otherwise expressly provided in the certificate of purchase, the right of a purchaser under a certificate of purchase is, from the date of the certificate, subject to all of the following:

  • (a) the terms, covenants, stipulations, reservations and exemptions contained in this Act, the regulations or in the Crown grant;
  • (b) highways, streets, roads, trails and other ways existing at that date over or through the land;
  • (c) the reservations, exceptions and rights of way endorsed at the minister’s direction on the certificate.

1979-214-23; 1982-35-6.


Terms, Reservations, Exceptions, Etc.

See ss. 11(3), 38, and 40(1) of the Act for examples of sections authorizing the minister to impose terms that are considered advisable upon dispositions under the Act. See also s. 50 of the Act regarding the standard exceptions and reservations applicable to dispositions of Crown land and ss. 55 to 57 regarding excluded bodies of water and roads.