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  • 23 (1) An order of the court containing a declaration of title under this Act must be signed by one of the judges and by a district registrar of the Supreme Court under the seal of the court, and must contain the following declaration:
  • This Court declares that under the authority of the Land Title Inquiry Act, A.B. is the legal and beneficial owner in fee simple in possession [or as the case may be] of [here describe the property], subject to the conditions, exceptions and reservations enumerated or referred to in section 23(2)(a) to (j), of the Land Title Act, and to [specifying either by reference to a schedule or otherwise any of the charges or encumbrances, exceptions or qualifications to which the title of A.B. is subject], but free from all other rights, interests, claims and demands.
  • (2) The court may give one declaration of title, comprising all the land mentioned in the petition, or may give separate declarations as to title of separate parts of the land.

1979-220-23, Sch.