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  • 3 (1) A person is a spouse for the purposes of this Act if the person
  • (a) is married to another person, or
  • (b) has lived with another person in a marriage-like relationship, and
    • (i) has done so for a continuous period of at least 2 years, or
    • (ii) except in Parts 5 and 6, has a child with the other person.
  • (2) A spouse includes a former spouse.
  • (3) A relationship between spouses begins on the earlier of the following:
  • (a) the date on which they began to live together in a marriage-like relationship;
  • (b) the date of their marriage.
  • (4) For the purposes of this Act,
  • (a) spouses may be separated despite continuing to live in the same residence, and
  • (b) the court may consider, as evidence of separation,
    • (i) communication, by one spouse to the other spouse, of an intention to separate permanently, and
    • (ii) an action, taken by a spouse, that demonstrates the spouse’s intention to separate permanently.

2011-25-3, effective March 18, 2013 (B.C. Reg. 131/2012).