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12 (1) If, under Part 8 of the Land Title Act, a petitioner establishes to the satisfaction of the minister that

  • (a) the registrar has made an order under Part 8 of the Land Title Act cancelling all or part of the areas that were dedicated by the deposit of a plan in the land title office, and
  • (b) none of the dedicated areas cancelled by the order are required by the government or are otherwise reserved from disposition,
  • the minister, on application by the petitioner, on terms the minister considers appropriate and on payment of the prescribed fees, may make a fee simple grant to the petitioner of all or part of a cancelled dedicated area on payment of consideration determined by the minister.
  • (2) An application under this section must be accompanied by a certified copy of the order of the registrar made under Part 8 of the Land Title Act.
  • (3) This section does not apply to land in respect of which the registrar has made a vesting order under section 135 of the Land Title Act.

1979-214-8.1; 1993-52-2.


See s. 134 of the Land Title Act regarding the preparation and registration of orders under Part 8 of the Land Title Act (Cancellation of Plans).