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2 Land Title And Survey Authority Of British Columbia Established

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2 (1) The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia is established as a corporation without share capital and consists of a board of directors appointed under this Act.

  • (2) The Authority has the power and capacity of an individual of full capacity.
  • (3) The Authority is not organized, and must not be operated, for profit.
  • (4) The Authority must have a corporate seal, which may be engraved, lithographed, printed or otherwise reproduced.
  • (5) The Authority is not an agent of the government except when executing a Crown grant under the Land Act or in accordance with the express terms of a written agreement with the government.
  • (6) The Authority may carry on any necessary or advisable activities both inside and outside of British Columbia.

2004-66-2, effective November 19, 2004 (B.C. Reg. 496/2004).