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26 (1) The Authority must hold an annual general meeting within 6 months after the end of each of its fiscal years.

  • (2) The directors must make public the date and means or location of the annual general meeting not more than 2 months, and not less than 3 weeks, before the date of the meeting.
  • (2.1) An annual general meeting may be conducted by means of electronic or other communication facilities, as long as all participants in the meeting are able to communicate with each other.
  • (2.2) If an annual general meeting is conducted by means of electronic or other communication facilities, participants are deemed to be present in person.
  • (3) At least 10 days before the date of an annual general meeting, the directors must make public an annual report that complies with subsection (4).
  • (4) An annual report referred to in subsection (3) must include, in relation to the most recently completed fiscal year of the Authority,
  • (a) the audited financial statements of the Authority for that fiscal year,
  • (b) a report on any changes in that fiscal year to the fees established by the Authority under the Land Act, the Land Title Act, the Mineral Tenure Act or any other enactment,
  • (c) a list of the directors as of the end of that fiscal year,
  • (d) a list of the performance objectives set for the Authority for that fiscal year, in accordance with the operating agreement, and a report respecting the achievement in relation to those performance objectives,
  • (e) any amendments made to the bylaws of the Authority or to the operating agreement in that fiscal year, and
  • (f) the date, type and outcome of any meetings held by the directors and by committees of the directors in that fiscal year.
  • (5) An annual general meeting of the Authority is open to any person, and any person attending the meeting may, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by the directors, address the meeting.
  • (6) The directors must place the annual report before the annual general meeting and must make a copy of that report available, without charge, to any person requesting a copy.

2004-66-26, effective November 19, 2004 (B.C. Reg. 496/2004); 2023-10-482.