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11 (1) Subject to compliance with this Act and the regulations, the minister may dispose of surveyed or unsurveyed Crown land by any of the following means, as the minister considers advisable in the public interest, to a person entitled under this Act:

  • (a) application;
  • (b) public auction;
  • (c) public notice of tender;
  • (d) public drawing of lots;
  • (e) public request for proposals;
  • (f) listing with a brokerage licensed under the Real Estate Services Act;
  • (g) land exchanges.
  • (2) The minister may, under subsection (1),
  • (a) sell Crown land,
  • (b) lease Crown land,
  • (c) grant a right of way or easement over Crown land,
  • (d) grant a licence to occupy Crown land, or
  • (e) transfer ownership of fossils located on Crown land, grant the right to remove fossils from Crown land, or both, if done in accordance with section 50(3.1).
  • (3) In a disposition of Crown land under this section, the minister may impose the terms, covenants, stipulations and reservations the minister considers advisable, and without limiting those powers, the minister may impose some or all of the following terms:
  • (a) the applicant must personally occupy and reside on the Crown land for a period set by the minister;
  • (b) the applicant must do that work and spend that money for permanent improvement of the Crown land within that period the minister requires;
  • (c) the consideration that must be paid for a disposition of Crown land.
  • (4) Subsection (3) does not apply to a disposition under section 51(1) or an exchange of Crown land under section 95.
  • (5) Subsection (3)(c) does not apply to a disposition in respect of which regulations are made under section 110(2)(c).

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