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499 (1) If a local government proposes to pass a resolution to issue a development variance permit, it must give notice in accordance with this section.

  • (1.1) For certainty, the obligation to give notice under this section does not apply if a delegate, under section 498.1, exercises the power to issue the development variance permit.
  • (2) The notice must state the following:
  • (a) in general terms, the purpose of the proposed permit;
  • (b) the land or lands that are the subject of the proposed permit;
  • (c) the place where and the times and dates when copies of the proposed permit may be inspected.
  • (3) The notice must be mailed or otherwise delivered at least 10 days before adoption of the resolution to issue the permit
  • (a) to the owners, as shown on the assessment roll as at the date of application for the permit, and
  • (b) to any tenants in occupation, as at the date of the mailing or delivery of the notice,
  • of each parcel, any part of which is the subject of the permit or is within a distance specified by bylaw from that part of the land that is subject to the permit.
  • (4) The obligation to give notice under this section is satisfied if the local government made a reasonable effort to mail or otherwise deliver the notice.

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