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  • 10 (1) Subject to compliance with this Act and the regulations, a person of age 19 or over or a corporation or other association may apply for Crown land.
  • (2) Nothing in this Act obliges the government to consider an application for Crown land, or to dispose of Crown land on an application.
  • (3) Despite subsection (1), the minister may refuse to receive an application for Crown land if
  • (a) the application is incomplete,
  • (b) the land is reserved from disposition under section 15,
  • (c) the land is withdrawn from disposition under section 16, or
  • (d) the Crown land is the subject of a minister’s order under section 10.1.

1979-214-7; 1982-35-3; 2003-66-28; 2015-26-30, effective September 22, 2015 (B.C. Reg. 174/2015).