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242 Apportionment Of Property Value Taxes If Land Subdivided

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242 (1) If a plan of subdivision is deposited in the land title office after November 30 in any year and before June 1 in the next year, the collector may

  • (a) apportion the property value taxes payable in that next year between the parcels created by the subdivision in the same proportions as taxes would have been payable in respect of the parcels had the subdivision occurred on or before November 30 in the first year, and
  • (b) on making an apportionment under paragraph (a), record the apportionment in the manner that the collector considers necessary.
  • (2) Taxes apportioned to a parcel under subsection (1) are the taxes payable in respect of the parcel in the year for which they are apportioned.
  • (3) The assessor for the area in which the land is located must provide the collector with the assessed values necessary to calculate the proportions of taxes referred to in subsection (1).

2003-26-242, effective January 1, 2004 (B.C. Reg. 423/2003).