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16 Transparency Report Required On Change Of Interest Holders Or Determination Of Incapacity

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  • 16 (1) Subject to section 13 [general rules for filing and completing transparency reports], this section and the exemptions, if any, in the regulations, within 2 months after a reporting body becomes aware or reasonably ought to have become aware that
  • (a) the previous transparency report filed by the reporting body no longer discloses the current interest holders, or
  • (b) a determination of incapacity referred to in section 22 [identification of incapacity] has been made in respect of an interest holder,
  • the reporting body must file with the administrator a new transparency report completed in accordance with Division 3 [Content of Transparency Reports].
  • (2) Section 15(6) to (9) applies in respect of a transparency report required under this section.
  • (3) Despite subsection (1), a reporting body is not required to file a transparency report under this section if the reporting body is no longer the registered owner of the interest in land to which the previous transparency report relates.