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550 (1) This section applies despite any enactment or law to the contrary.

  • (2) If a land use contract is registered as a charge against a title to land and the land use contract is terminated under section 547 or 548, the charge is deemed to be discharged as of the date of the termination of that land use contract.
  • (3) The following are conclusive proof that a land use contract is terminated:
  • (a) before June 30, 2024,
    • (i) this Act, and
    • (ii) a certified copy of the bylaw under section 548 that terminates the land use contract;
  • (b) on or after June 30, 2024, this Act.
  • (4) The registrar of land titles is not required to inquire whether a bylaw under section 548 has been made in accordance with this Part before cancelling registration of a charge that is discharged by operation of that bylaw and subsection (2) of this section.

2014-14-42; RSBC 2015-1-550, effective January 1, 2016 (B.C. Reg. 257/2015).


Application for Discharge of Land Use Contract

An application for cancellation of a land use contract must be made by using a Local Government Filing Form or a Form 17 Cancellation of Charge, Notation or Filing.


Local Government Filing Form

For authorized subscribers, use the Local Government Filing Form, select Nature of Interest, Release of Land Use Contract (by Effluxion of Time). No attachment is required.

Only authorized subscribers, as defined in E-filing Directions v. 1.9 (available at and reproduced at chapter 70 (Director’s Directions)), have the authority to sign this form electronically.

For all other subscribers, use the Form 17 Cancellation of Charge, Notation or Filing, select Nature of Interest, Charge by Effluxion of Time. No attachment is required.