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  • 42 (1) A conveyance, mortgage or charge of or on land given for the purpose of granting a lien holder a preference or priority is void for that purpose.
  • (2) An agreement that this Act is not to apply, or that the remedies provided by it are not to be available for a person’s benefit, is void.
  • (3) A device by an owner, contractor or subcontractor adopted to defeat the priority given by this Act to a worker for the worker’s wages is void as against the worker.
  • (4) No assignment by the contractor or subcontractor of any money due in respect of the contract or subcontract is valid as against any lien or trust created by this Act.

1997-45-42, effective February 1, 1998 (B.C. Reg. 1/98).


Regarding postponement, see s. 207 of the Land Title Act in chapter 15 (Land Title Act Part 14 (ss. 197 to 237)—Charges).