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256 Recovery Of Taxes On Crown Land Subject To An Agreement For Sale

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256 (1) This section applies if the Provincial government has agreed to sell land in a municipality on terms of deferred payment and the holder of the agreement for sale

  • (a) has defaulted in payment for the land, or has abandoned the land with the title remaining in the Provincial government, and
  • (b) has defaulted in payment of municipal taxes against the land.
  • (2) The municipal taxes referred to in subsection (1)(b) are a first charge against the land and, following the sale of the land, the Provincial government must pay the municipal taxes out of the proceeds of the sale, subject to the limit that the amount paid must not exceed the amount received by the Provincial government for the sale.

2003-26-256, effective January 1, 2004 (B.C. Reg. 423/2003).