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  • 163 (1) An agreement respecting spousal support may provide for the circumstances under which spousal support will change or end, including if a spouse lives with another person or enters a relationship with another spouse, but a condition of spousal support that the spouse abstain from sexual relations after separation is not binding.
  • (2) Despite section 160, in making an agreement respecting spousal support, a spouse may agree to release the other spouse from liability for spousal support.
  • (3) A written agreement respecting spousal support that is filed in the court is enforceable under this Act and the Family Maintenance Enforcement Act as if it were an order of the court.

2011-25-163, effective March 18, 2013 (B.C. Reg. 131/2012).


“Maintenance Order” under Family Maintenance Enforcement Act

See s. 1(2) of the Family Maintenance Enforcement Act which provides that:

  • 1 (2) For the purpose of this Act, the following are deemed to be maintenance orders made by the Provincial Court:
  • (a) an agreement that, under section 148 or 163 of the Family Law Act, is enforceable under this Act and contains a provision respecting maintenance,