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43 (1) If a person who holds a disposition of Crown land

  • (a) defaults in payment of money due to the government, or
  • (b) fails or neglects to observe or perform a covenant, stipulation or term required by the minister, or set out in the disposition, the minister may send a notice by registered mail, addressed to the person at his or her last known address, requiring the person to pay the money due or to comply with the covenant, stipulation or term within 60 days after the notice is mailed.
  • (2) If the default, failure or neglect continues after the 60 day period, the minister may cancel the disposition.
  • (3) If the minister cancels a disposition under this section
  • (a) the interest in the Crown land of the holder of the disposition and of all persons claiming through the holder is forfeited and at an end,
  • (b) improvements to the land become government property, and
  • (c) money paid for the disposition is forfeited to the government.
  • (4) If the disposition is in respect of a right of way or easement, the minister may extend the time to pay or comply up to 2 years after the notice is mailed.
  • (5) If a disposition, registered in a land title office, is cancelled, the minister may, by a certificate signed and sealed by the minister and setting out the reason for the cancellation, require the registrar to cancel registration.
  • (6) The certificate referred to in subsection (5) is the authority for the registrar of the land title office to cancel the registration.