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  • 4 The application must be made to the Supreme Court by petition and must be supported by the following particulars:
  • (a) the title deeds, if any, and certificates of title and evidences of title relating to the land that are in the possession or power of the applicant;
  • (b) a certified copy of all recorded instruments affecting the land, or of all since the last judicial declaration, if any, under this Act was given, up to the time of the registering of the certificate of filing the petition as provided for by section 7;
  • (c) a certificate of the registrar of titles as to any charges, liens, judgments or certificates of pending litigation which have been registered in the land title office against the land;
  • (d) a concise statement of the facts, which do not appear in the produced documents, as are necessary to make out the title;
  • (e) proof of any facts which are required to be proved in order to make out the title, and which are not established by the other produced documents, unless the court dispenses with the proof until a future stage of the investigation;
  • (f) an affidavit by the person whose title is to be investigated, and a certificate of one of that person’s counsel to the effect later mentioned in this Act, unless the court sees fit to dispense with them;
  • (g) a schedule of the particulars produced under this section.

1979-220-4; 1992-55-21, effective October 1, 1994 (B.C. Reg. 300/94).