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222 (1) This section applies to real property

  • (a) that is in a newly incorporated municipality, or in an area newly included in a municipality, and
  • (b) that was, immediately before the incorporation or inclusion, exempt from taxation because of section 15(1)(f) or (f.1) of the Taxation (Rural Area) Act but that, after the incorporation or inclusion, is not exempt from taxation under this Act.
  • (2) Real property referred to in subsection (1) is exempt from taxation for the first 5 years after incorporation or inclusion, to the indicated percentage of the exemption that would have applied had the incorporation or inclusion not taken place, as follows:
year after incorporation % of exemption that would have applied
1st 100%
2nd 80%
3rd 60%
4th 40%
5th 20%

2003-26-222, effective January 1, 2004 (B.C. Reg. 423/2003); 2011-2-4, effective September 1, 2012 (B.C. Reg. 138/2012)