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  • 27 (1) The commission, by resolution, may establish criteria under which the following may be approved by the chief executive officer:
  • (a) specified types of use or subdivision applications or exclusion applications;
  • (b) applications with respect to specified regions of British Columbia.
  • (2) The commission must put the criteria established under subsection (1) in writing and make them available for inspection during ordinary business hours.
  • (3) An application that meets the criteria established under subsection (1) may be approved by the chief executive officer on the terms that the chief executive officer may impose.
  • (4) If the chief executive officer considers that the application does not meet the criteria specified under subsection (1) or for any other reason does not wish to approve the application under subsection (3), the application must be referred to the commission for a decision.
  • (5) An approval of an application by the chief executive officer under subsection (3) is a decision of the commission for the purposes of this Act.
  • (6) The chief executive officer may not exercise a power that has been delegated to a first nation government or an authority by an agreement entered into under section 26.

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