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  • 14 (1) If an integrated survey area is constituted under section 12(1),
  • (a) all original monuments established after that within the integrated survey area pertaining to the creation of new townships, ranges, sections or other legal subdivisions, blocks, gores, lots, commons or other parcels of land,
  • (b) all those set under sections 67 to 69 of the Land Title Act, and
  • (c) all those previously established and pertinent to the survey of a parcel of land
  • must be tied by survey to the nearest coordinate control monuments according to the procedures in rules made under section 75 of the Land Surveyors Act.
  • (2) If
  • (a) a survey has been carried out in accordance with subsection (1),
  • (b) the original monuments have in that way been tied to coordinate control monuments, and
  • (c) a plan of the survey has been deposited as required either in the proper land title office or with the Surveyor General,
  • the coordinates that may be derived from the plan for those original monuments are evidence of their positions and must be considered if it becomes necessary to define or redefine the true position on the ground of any original monuments or the boundaries governed by them.

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