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  • 4 The laws relating to perpetuities and to accumulations do not apply and must be considered never to have applied to the trusts of any of the following:
  • (a) a plan, trust or fund established for the purpose of providing pensions, retirement allowances, annuities or sickness, death or other benefits to persons or to their surviving spouses, dependants or other beneficiaries;
  • (b) a retirement savings plan or home ownership savings plan registered under the Income Tax Act (Canada);
  • (c) a property donated to a corporation established under the First Peoples’ Heritage, Language and Culture Act;
  • (d) any property donated to a university or a foundation established by a university, by the University Foundations Act or by the Trinity Western University Foundation Act;
  • (e) [repealed];
  • (f) [repealed];
  • (g) property held by a corporation or other person as trustee and designated by regulation of the Lieutenant Governor in Council under section 8.1(8)(d) of the Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing Act as held on trust for the preservation of land and buildings for affordable housing purposes.

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