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Statutory Services Under The Mineral Tenure Act

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Item Statutory Service under the Mineral Tenure Act Customer Fee


Mineral Tenure Act Plan Confirmation

The fee set under section 64(3)(c) of the Mineral Tenure Act for Survey Plan approvals by Surveyor General under sections 42, 44 and 53 of Mineral Tenure Act (in respect of plans resulting from full or partial surveys).

1 to 10 cells or claims, inclusive—$663.72

11 to 20 cells or claims, inclusive—$1,460.17

21 to 30 cells or claims, inclusive—$2,920.32

31 or more cells or claims—$4,380.49


Mining Lease Reduction Plan Confirmation

Review and examination by the Surveyor General of a plan prepared to reduce the area of a Mining Lease in accordance with section 44 of Mineral Tenure Act.

$663.72 per plan