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  • 175 (1) The registrar must keep a register and enter or store in it
  • (a) all indefeasible titles and all matters required under this Act to be registered or entered on an indefeasible title and affecting land included in it, and
  • (b) any other matter required by the director.
  • (2) The registrar may remove records of indefeasible titles from the register where they were required to be kept or stored, and on removal those records may be kept in a manner and for a period that the director may direct.
  • (3) The registrar may convert existing records in a land title office, including records of indefeasible titles, into another form in order to facilitate computerization of those records, and on conversion the substituted form must, for all purposes, be accepted and received as the original record.
  • (4) If a record is converted under subsection (3), evidence of the original record must be preserved among the records of the land title office.
  • (5) The registrar may duplicate any record in a land title office in the form and manner directed by the director and, if an original record so duplicated becomes lost, damaged, destroyed or not immediately available for use, the registrar may declare that the duplicate has the same effect as the original.
  • (6) The registrar may remove from the register any record that has been cancelled if the registrar retains evidence of it.
  • (7) The registrar may establish, keep and maintain the register, books and indices required for the purpose of this Act by any means, whether chemical, electronic, mechanical or otherwise.

1979-219-172; 1982-60-41, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983; 1992-32-14, effective February 1, 1993 (B.C. Reg. 18/93); 2007-14-204, effective December 1, 2007 (B.C. Reg. 354/2007).