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  • 101 (1) In considering an application for approval of a subdivision under section 99, the approving officer must be guided by the principles and requirements set out in this Act applicable to the examination of subdivisions made by subdivision plan.
  • (2) An application for approval must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.
  • (3) If the approving officer refuses to grant approval, or if approval is not granted within 2 months after the date the application is tendered to the approving officer for approval, the owner of the land is entitled to make an application in the nature of an appeal to the Supreme Court in the same manner as is provided in section 89 for the nonapproval or rejection of a subdivision plan.



Time Limit for Approval

Section 27 of the Land Title Act Regulation provides that a subdivision plan shall be approved within two months, unless the land involved is in an area enumerated in the regulation, or the approving officer imposes a condition of consent. In these instances, the two-month period is extended to three months.