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  • 127 (1) On filing with the registrar a notice of intention to appear, any person whose land might be affected by a petition under this Part may become a party to the proceeding initiated by the petition.
  • (2) The notice under subsection (1) must contain the following:
  • (a) the name of the person filing the notice and an address for service;
  • (b) a description of the land owned by the person and the manner in which the land is affected by the petition;
  • (c) a summary of the argument and evidence the person intends to submit at the hearing.
  • (3) A person who files a notice under this section must serve a copy of the notice on the petitioner, on any other parties and on any other persons on whom service is required under section 125.
  • (4) A notice under this section may be filed at any time before the date set for the hearing.
  • (5) The petitioner and any party is entitled to be heard, to call and examine witnesses and to submit argument and evidence at the hearing of the petition.

1979-219-127; 1993-52-1.