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  • 29 (1) If a parcel of land is to be added to or deleted from the treaty lands of a treaty first nation, and, at the time of the addition or deletion, an indefeasible title to the parcel to be added or deleted is registered under this Act, the minister charged with the administration of the Treaty Commission Act must file a certificate in the land title office in respect of the land to be added or deleted.
  • (2) A certificate referred to in subsection (1) must
  • (a) contain a description of the land sufficient for the registrar to identify it in the records,
  • (b) state that the land has been added to or deleted from the treaty lands of the treaty first nation in accordance with its final agreement, and
  • (c) if in relation to a deletion from treaty lands, identify the new taxing authority.
  • (3) A certificate filed under this section is conclusive evidence to the registrar that the addition or deletion was made in accordance with the final agreement of the applicable treaty first nation.