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326 Power To Amend Order If Land Subsequently Becomes Included Within Municipality

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  • 326 (1) If land affected by the order for a special survey is located in a rural area, and before the completion of the survey becomes included, either in whole or in part, within a municipality, the costs and expenses as to the area of land comprised in the municipality and their apportionment must be in accordance with section 324, and in respect of the land, if any, not included the costs and expenses and apportionment must be in accordance with section 325.
  • (2) The minister may order that the municipality pay to the government all money advanced out of the consolidated revenue fund under section 325 in respect of the land included within the municipality.
  • (3) A special survey to which section 324, 325 or this section applies may be continued without any request or undertaking by way of resolution of the council of the municipality affected.

1979-219-326; 2003-66-35.