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In This Volume

This Part deals with the prescribed form of transfer, registration of a transferee’s interest, further transfers, and duplicate indefeasible titles.


References in this Part to the “Green Book” are references to the Land Title Electronic Forms Guidebook, 6th ed. (CLEBC, 2013). The Green Book includes the Director’s General Directions for Electronic Land Title Forms and:

  1. sets out requirements for electronic land transfer title forms and other electronic land title forms. The forms are available in Web Filing using a myLTSA Enterprise account and on the LTSA website at;
  2. includes completion instructions for each form; and
  3. includes, as Appendices, preferred forms of affidavit, the prescribed standard mortgage terms from B.C. Reg. 332/2010, and instructions for electronic filing.

The Green Book is updated as required to reflect significant changes in legislation, case law, or practice; it is available in hardcopy and electronic form.

Note that the director’s requirements, and completion instructions for hardcopy land title transfer forms are available in Director’s Requirements for Hardcopy Land Title Forms (DR 04-11), and Completion Instructions for Hardcopy Transfer Forms, both at