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  • 32 (1) An instrument executed in good faith and registered before the execution of a transfer to, and before the creation of a binding contract for the transfer to, a subsequent purchaser for value from the same grantor of the same land or any part of it, merely because of the absence of a valuable consideration in the instrument, is not and must not be considered to be void as against the subsequent purchaser for value or a person claiming by, from or under the subsequent purchaser for value.
  • (2) Nothing in this section makes valid an instrument that is for any reason, other than or in addition to the absence of a valuable consideration, void under any Act or law.


If no valuable consideration is given in Item 3, Consideration, of transfer in Form A, the Form A is not registrable. See the Freehold Transfer (Form A), Land Title Web Filing Form Practice Guide (at In such a case, an applicant should consult with the registrar as to an acceptable alternative form of transfer.