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  • 382 (1) The registrar may, for the purposes of this Act,
  • (a) administer oaths, or instead of administering an oath require a person examined by the registrar to make and subscribe an affidavit of the truth of the statement made by the person in an examination,
  • (b) take evidence, under oath or otherwise, affecting title or facts necessary to enable the registrar to decide whether or not the provisions of this Act have been complied with,
  • (c) on such evidence as the registrar considers sufficient, correct errors in entries made or supply entries omitted under the provisions of this Act or of a previous Act respecting the registration of titles to land, but in making corrections the registrar must not erase or render illegible the original entry, and the registrar must, in correcting or supplying an entry, sign it and insert the date of the correction, and every correction so made and every omission so supplied has the same validity and effect as if the error had not been made or the entry omitted, except in respect of a registration or filing that may have been entered in the records of the office prior to the time of correcting the error or supplying the omitted entry, and
  • (d) summon a person whose evidence in respect of a matter pending before the registrar may be material
    • (i) to appear and give evidence on oath respecting the matter, and
    • (ii) to produce an instrument, document or evidence affecting title
  • before the registrar or before another person appointed as special examiner by order of the registrar.
  • (2) The order of the registrar, signed by the registrar and under the official seal of the land title office, is sufficient authority for the person named in the order to administer oaths to and to take the evidence of all persons summoned by the registrar under subsection (1)(d).
  • (3) The evidence, when taken by the special examiner, must be transmitted to the registrar, and is of the same effect as if it had been taken before the registrar.

1979-219-311; 1982-60-82, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983; 2004-66-133, effective January 20, 2005 (B.C. Reg. 16/2005).


Powers and Duties of Registrar Relating to Cancellation of a Plan

See ss. 129 to 131 of the Act regarding the powers and duties of a registrar in relation to the hearing of a petition to cancel a plan.

Records Stored by Electronic Means

See s. 383(4) of the Act regarding the storage of records by electronic means.

Secondary Sources

See Di Castri, Registration of Title to Land, vol. 1, paras. 108 to 110, and vol. 2, para. 767.