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  • 134 (1) Following the conclusion of the hearing of a petition under this Part, the registrar, exercising the powers given under section 131, must decide the outcome of the petition and publish written reasons for the decision.
  • (2) Within 30 days after publication by the registrar of the written reasons, the petitioner must prepare and submit to the registrar for approval and signature an order giving effect to the registrar’s decision.
  • (3) If all applications necessary to give effect to an order deciding the outcome of a petition under this Part are not submitted for registration within 3 months after the order is signed or within a further period allowed by the registrar,
  • (a) the order ceases to have effect, and
  • (b) any extinguishment previously effected by the order by the operation of section 131(3) is deemed not to have occurred.
  • (4) The registrar must not register an application referred to in subsection (3) unless all duplicate indefeasible titles to the land affected by the order have been surrendered for cancellation.
  • (5) Within 21 days after the registrar has published the reasons for the decision under this section, the petitioner or any party may appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

1979-219-134; 1993-52-1.


Application for New Indefeasible Title

Electronic Submissions

On the Form 17 Fee Simple, select Nature of Interest, Registrar’s Order to Cancel Plan Part 8 LTA, and attach an image of the originally signed Registrar’s Order.


Regarding appeal from decision of Registrar, see ss. 309 and 311 of the Act.


See the Case Law under s. 309 in Part 21 of the Act.