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  • 27 (1) Where a subdivision plan is filed under section 83 of the Act, the subdivision shall be approved within 2 months after the later of
  • (a) the date it is tendered for examination and approval, or
  • (b) the date where a profile or sketch is tendered following a request under section 83(3)(c) or (d) of the Act.
  • (2) Where
  • (a) the subdivision plan affects land lying within
    • (i) the Cowichan Land District,
    • (ii) the Barclay Land District,
    • (iii) the Clayoquot Land District,
    • (iv) the Nootka Land District,
    • (v) the Rupert Land District,
    • (vi) Coast Ranges 1, 2 or 3, or
  • (b) an approving officer imposes a condition of consent under section 86(1)(d) of the Act, the period referred to in subsection (1) shall be 3 months instead of 2 months.

[B.C. Reg. 366/79, s. 11; B.C. Reg. 339/2010, App., s. 2.]