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  • 332 On receipt of a report in the terms of section 331(b) the minister may either
  • (a) make a supplemental order extending the boundaries of the special survey area to include the land, if any, recommended by the surveyor, and then the order must apply to that land as fully and effectually as if it had been included in the original limits of the special survey, or
  • (b) direct the surveyor to provide a plan of the external boundaries of the special survey area either as originally defined or as including the adjacent land recommended by the surveyor, or of that portion of the external boundaries as is in doubt, in which case the surveyor must provide a plan showing the adjacent parcels of land, the owners of which would be affected by the final adoption of the boundary lines recommended by the surveyor,
  • and in any event may amend the termination date of the period within which the survey is to be made if a period has been prescribed under section 330.

1979-219-332; 2003-66-35.