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  • 178 (1) Despite section 158(1), an indefeasible title must not cover more than one parcel unless the registrar permits a greater number to be covered.
  • (2) A registrar may require an application under section 158(1) to be limited to the number of parcels that can be covered by an indefeasible title under subsection (1).
  • (3) The registrar may cancel an indefeasible title that covers more than one parcel and substitute in its place a single indefeasible title for each parcel that was covered by the cancelled title or any other combination that the registrar sees fit.

1979-219-174.1; 1982-60-43, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983.


The registrar may permit more than one parcel to be covered by one indefeasible title in a circumstance where, for example, a residence straddles two or even three lots.


Restrictions as to Scope of Application

See s. 158 of the Act regarding restrictions on applications for registration of a fee simple.

Exemption for Access Lots

See s. 2 of the Land Title Act (Board of Directors) Regulation, B.C. Reg. 332/2010, which provides an exemption from s. 158 to facilitate the creation of an access lot by a separate plan and enables the registration of an owner’s undivided interest in that lot in the same indefeasible title as the owner’s contiguous parcel of land for which access was required.