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  • 168.32 (1) In this section, “corporation” has the same meaning as in Part 5.
  • (2) Section 42(1) [execution to be witnessed] does not apply to an instrument that cancels the registration of a charge if
  • (a) the instrument is submitted electronically,
  • (b) the charge is in a class designated by the director,
  • (c) the registered owner of the charge is a corporation in a class of corporations designated by the director, and
  • (d) the individual who executes the instrument for the corporation
    • (i) is approved by the director for the purposes of this section, and
    • (ii) certifies on the instrument the matters set out in section 44(1)(a)(i) to (iii).

2018-37-18, effective November 15, 2019 (B.C. Reg. 171/2019).


The applicability of s. 168.32 is limited to the charges and classes of registered owner designated by the Director. The Director has made designations in s. 2.6 of the E-filing Directions.

The E-filing Directions v. 1.9 are available at