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  • 363 (1) A person must not, unless acting under the written authority of the Surveyor General, pull down, deface, alter, remove or cover up or render inaccessible any special survey monument.
  • (2) If in the carrying out of public or private works it is found necessary to remove or cover up or render inaccessible any special survey monument, the person carrying on the works may give the Surveyor General notice in writing that it is necessary to remove the special survey monument, and the Surveyor General must at once take the steps the Surveyor General deems necessary for ensuring the correct re-establishment of the special survey monument on the completion of the works, either at the place where it formerly stood or at another place the Surveyor General directs, and the entire cost and expenses incurred by the Surveyor General in connection with the removal and re-establishment of a special survey monument must be paid to the Surveyor General by the person at whose instance the removal of it is made, and may be recovered by action in any court as for a debt due to the government.
  • (3) If the special survey monument is re-established at a place other than where it formerly stood, the Surveyor General must by notice in writing direct the registrar to make all notations on the registrar’s records necessary to show the removal and re-establishment of that special survey monument.