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  • 168.22 (1) The director may direct that a document
  • (a) may be submitted electronically, or
  • (b) may only be submitted electronically.
  • (2) An e-filing direction may include any directions that the director considers necessary or advisable respecting electronic submission of a document, including, without limitation, directions as follows:
  • (a) respecting the format, contents and preparation of the document and any supporting documents;
  • (b) respecting the electronic signature of the document;
  • (c) respecting the certification of the document under Division 4.
  • (3) An e-filing direction may specify that the submission of a document constitutes signature by the applicant if
  • (a) the only signatory to the document is the applicant, and
  • (b) the manner of submission will allow for the identification of
    • (i) the applicant, and
    • (ii) the document that is submitted.
  • (4) An e-filing direction may be different for different
  • (a) classes of documents, interests or persons, or
  • (b) circumstances.

2018-37-18, effective November 15, 2019 (B.C. Reg. 171/2019).


Directions for E-filing

The Director has established directions for required electronic filing, published at under “Professionals”, “Land Title Practice”, “E-filing User Guides and Publications”.

For requirements on the use of electronic land title forms, see

Completion instructions for electronic land title forms are set out in the

  • Land Title Web Filing Form Practice Guides;
  • Directions for Completing EFS Forms; and
  • EFS User’s Guide;

published at under “Professionals”, “Land Title Practice”, “E-filing User Guides and Publications”.