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Part 10.1 of the Land Title Act sets out the requirements and procedures for electronic filing; establishes the role of a designate; provides general provisions on e-filed documents; and sets requirements of a certification authority and certification of subscribers.

This Part provides the Director of Land Titles with the authority to establish directions regarding the electronic filing of land title documents. These directions replace the Director’s Requirements related to e-filing and reflect amendments to the Act. The Director has established these directions in E-filing Directions, available at and reproduced at chapter 70 (Director’s Directions). At the date of publication, the current version was v. 1.9, dated January 23, 2023.


Electronic Forms and Related Materials

The following materials are available at For requirements on the use of electronic land title forms, see

Completion instructions for electronic land title forms are set out in the

  • Land Title Web Filing Form Practice Guides;
  • Directions for Completing EFS Forms; and
  • EFS User’s Guide.

In addition:

LTO E-filing

For more information on the legal aspects and implications of online filing, see E.L. Wilson, “Land Title Branch—Electronic Filing System: The Statutory Framework” in LTO E-Filing: Fall 2004 Update (CLEBC, 2004).

For more information on amendments to an electronic instrument after execution of the execution copy, see the Law Society of British Columbia’s Notice to the Profession dated December 19, 2011, entitled “Protocol for Land Title Electronic Instruments” at

E-Filing Quality Verification

The LTSA has implemented a Quality Verification program with lawyers and notaries to ensure compliance with Part 10.1 of the Land Title Act by designates. Compliance with the Act is critical to maintaining the integrity of British Columbia’s land title system. In this regard, the director has provided guidance for truing up original electronic instruments. For further information, see Practice Note 02-16, Truing Up an Original Electronic Instrument, v. 1.1, dated November 15, 2019, at

Web Filing

The LTSA has introduced a new way to prepare electronic filing forms to eliminate dependencies on PDF technology. From 2019 to present, Web Filing forms have been introduced in phases. Web Filing forms enable customers to complete web-based applications to the LTSA and electronically sign them using a Juricert certificate on myLTSA. During the transition to Web Filing forms, a combination of PDF form templates and Web Filing forms have been accepted. For more information on Web Filing, see