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  • 164 (1) The period stipulated in the notice in the approved form or an extension of that period is in the discretion of the registrar.
  • (2) Unless a good and valid objection in writing from the person served with the notice is received within the period stipulated in the notice or in an extension of it, the registrar may proceed with the registration of the title claimed by the applicant.
  • (3) If the title claimed is an estate in fee simple, an outstanding absolute certificate of title or duplicate indefeasible title, the nonproduction of which is mentioned in the notice, is deemed conclusively to be cancelled as to the land so registered in the name of the applicant.

1979-219-161; 1982-60-37, proclaimed effective August 1, 1983; 2004-66-94, effective January 20, 2005 (B.C. Reg. 16/2005).


Notice of Intention to Register on Non-production of Instrument

The director has approved the use of Form 19, Notice of Intention to Register on Non-Production of Instrument. The use of Form 19 is compulsory. Form 19 is delivered under s. 163 of the Act.

Form 19 is reproduced at chapter 33 (Land Title Forms).