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  • 384 (1) If
  • (a) a record of the land title office, from use or age, is becoming obliterated or unfit for future use, or
  • (b) in the opinion of the registrar, convenience of reference requires,
  • the registrar may cause the record, or a selected portion of it, to be copied in a record of similar description.
  • (2) The copied record, together with a certificate of the registrar at the end of it to the effect that the recopied record is a true copy of the original record, must for all purposes be accepted and received as the original record.
  • (3) Despite this section but subject to section 166, the original record must be preserved among the records of the land title office.
  • (4) If necessary for its preservation, the registrar may cause
  • (a) a record which is out of repair and unfit for use to be repaired or rebound, or
  • (b) a plan deposited or filed to be repaired, copied or mounted.

1979-219-313; 2004-66-134, effective January 20, 2005 (B.C. Reg. 16/2005).