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  • 22 (1) A zoning regulation made under the Aeronautics Act (Canada) and relating to lands in the Province may be filed with the registrar of the land title district in which the land is situate.
  • (2) Where an application has been made to have the zoning regulation noted on an indefeasible title under subsection (3), a plan prepared by a British Columbia land surveyor shall be filed with the zoning regulation and shall
  • (a) show the parcels, highways, parks and public squares referred to in the zoning regulation,
  • (b) show where suitable monuments have been set along the perimeter of the zoned area,
  • (c) be accompanied by a book of reference or a separate document or documents listing all the parcels shown on the plan and certified as correct by the British Columbia land surveyor who prepared the plan, and
  • (d) be suitably referenced to the zoning regulations.
  • (3) Upon receipt of the zoning regulation and plan, and on payment of the sum of $1 for each indefeasible title to which the plan relates, the registrar shall note the following on the indefeasible title:
    • “Zoning Regulation and Plan Under the Aeronautics Act (Canada)
    • filed ____________ under No ___________”.
    • (Date)
  • (4) Subsections (2) and (3) may be complied with when the plan and description are deposited with the registrar under section 6(8) of the Aeronautics Act (Canada).

[B.C. Reg. 267/83, s. 12.]


Aeronautics Act

The Aeronautics Act (Canada) regulates aeronautics and related matters falling under federal jurisdiction, such as the construction and maintenance of airports, airport zoning, prescription of air routes, establishment of security measures, investigation of accidents, and the licensing of aircraft, airports and facilities, and air services.


Under s. 5.4(2) of the Act, the Governor in Council may make zoning regulations preventing the use or development of land adjacent to or in the vicinity of airports. Section 5.6(2) requires deposit on a land title office of a plan, a description of the affected lands, and the zoning regulations. Section 5.6(3) deals with amendments to the regulations.