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  • 168.56 The registrar may exercise a power under this Act or another enactment to amend, alter, correct or cancel an electronic plan if the registrar
  • (a) does so in the manner directed by the director, and
  • (b) if the plan is changed as a result of the exercise of the power, replaces, in the manner directed by the director, the original plan in the records of the land title office with a plan that depicts the changes.

2018-37-18, effective November 15, 2019 (B.C. Reg. 171/2019).


Directions for E-filing

The Director has established directions for required electronic filing, published at

For requirements on the use of electronic land title forms, see

Instructions to prepare a plan alteration are in the

  • Directions for Completing EFS Forms; and
  • EFS User’s Guide,

published at