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In This Volume

  • 121 (1) In this Part:
  • “arterial highway” has the same meaning as in section 1 of the Transportation Act;
  • “local authority”,
  • (a) in relation to land in a municipality, means the municipal council,
  • (b) in relation to land not in a municipality, means the regional board of a regional district, and
  • (c) in relation to land in a local trust area, means the local trust committee;
  • “local trust area” and “local trust committee” have the same meanings as in the Islands Trust Act;
  • “party” means a person who has filed a notice of intention to appear at the hearing of a petition, in compliance with section 127, and includes the petitioner;
  • “plan” means a subdivision plan, reference plan or air space plan deposited in the land title office;
  • “public area” means an area dedicated as a highway, park or public square under this Act or the former Act;
  • “registrar” includes a person appointed by the director under subsection (2).
  • (2) The director may appoint a person other than the registrar to exercise and perform all or some of the powers and duties of the registrar under this Part.

1979-219-121; 1993-52-1; 2004-44-124, effective December 31, 2004 (B.C. Reg. 547/2004); 2010-21-226, effective July 30, 2010 (B.C. Reg. 245/2010).


See the definition of “highway” in s. 1 of the Act which provides:

  • “highway” includes a public street, path, walkway, trail, lane, bridge, road, thoroughfare and any other public way.